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The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation
The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation is a first-person atmospheric horror game with stealth-based gameplay. Out of 10 college horror tales from Taiwan, The Bridge Curse is one of the well-known supernatural incidents based in Tunghu University. Players are required to travel through the haunted campus to experience the creepy horror incidents firsthand.

Background :
A taboo legend has been circulating on the campus of Tunghu University for many years. There is a ghost of a female student who lingers on a bridge of the school. Years later, a group of college students decided to hold a test of courage quest at the Bridge Curse to challenge the taboo and test the urban legend. Unexpectedly, they began to encounter all kinds of strange events. As the danger approached step by step, how will the students escape?

Background :
A taboo legend has been circulating on the campus of Tunghu University for many years. There is a ghost of a female student who lingers on a bridge of the school. Years later, a group of college students decided to hold a test of courage quest at the Bridge Curse to challenge the taboo and test the urban legend. Unexpectedly, they began to encounter all kinds of strange events. As the danger approached step by step, how will the students escape?

Hide & Escape
Observe the surrounding, stealth in the hidden spaces, escape in time, and complete the challenge before being caught by the ghost.

Solve the Puzzle
Collect materials & information, solve the puzzles, and fend off the curse from the ghost.

Search for clues from the surrounding, collect key items, and unravel the mysteries of the supernatural legends progressively.
Sea Horizon
Sea Horizon is a Roguelike turn-based role-playing game. Players may explore the world by choosing their own characters and start out on a journey that is one of a kind. Choose your path wisely for every choice counts.
Xuan Yuan Sword 7
Background :
Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is an ARPG presented in a third-person perspective. It is also the latest stand-alone work of the classic RPG series "Xuanyuan Sword". Players take on the role of Taishi Zhao who was involved in a tragic fate. To protect his family, Zhao starts a journey in this chaotic realm to find the truth.

The powerful prime minister superseded his emperor and build a new dynasty. Meanwhile, a peculiar bamboo slip in the crypt of Marquis of Liu was delivered to Court Astrologer's hand. Unexpectedly, Taishi Mansion was badly damaged by a bizarre fire that night, with all his family killed and the bamboo slip gone. Ten years later, the people were struggling against a decade of war and famine, and the chaos had spread among the country. However, the bamboo slip which had disappeared for 10 years emerged again, causing an uproar...
Combo-based gameplay
Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is an Action RPG with a real-time combat system.
A smooth combo-based combat system contains elements such as active skills, dodge, block, riposte.

Elysium Scroll
A bamboo scroll can be used as a key to Elysium, capable of absorbing monsters,
creating items, and providing several techniques and clockworks during the adventure. Various facilities set in Elysium are available for improving armors and weapons, as well as developing passive skills.
The Mohists and their Clockworks
The Mohists are known for their high level "clockworks" technology far beyond the times. However, civil disagreements are challenging their faith, making them fall apart in decades. Can the Mohists revive to their former glory or fade in the pages of history? In Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, you will witness the final destiny of the Mohists.
A Journey in the Oriental Realm
Xuan Yuan Sword 7 is a celebration of ancient China’s landscape, civilization and culture, infused with the mystique of its own legends in stark contrast to anachronistic technological designs. It is a world that is both familiar and mysterious, one of both science and spirituality, one that is waiting to be explored.
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SOFTSTAR is committed to achieving the future vision of sustainable management


Over the years, we remain steadfast in our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), embodying the principle of "taking from society, giving back to society" at the core of our business operations. Based on this ethos, we integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability indicators, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among our workforce and throughout our operations.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Protection Policy

With a global outlook, we actively diversifies our operations. Within our corporate ecosystem, Gamebase Digital Media Corporation provides expert marketing strategies, big data analytics, and precise digital advertising across multiple platforms, including Gamebase, Double Edge Entertainment, and Social Media Websites. Loftstar Interactive Entertainment oversees game publishing, operation, and agency services. Furthermore, our diverse investments include Chander Electronics Corp. (8068), specializing in third-party payments and IC channels; Array Network Taiwan (3664), a leader in cybersecurity; and Uniplus Electronics (5381), a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, all contributing to environmental conservation and energy efficiency.

In alignment with our commitment to global citizenship and a sustainable future, we endeavor to make significant contributions to environmental protection. Complying with policies, laws, and regulations, we take environmental improvement initiatives based on the principles of continuous enhancement and pollution prevention, both internally and externally.

Environmental Management Objectives

As energy conservation and carbon reduction gain momentum worldwide, we remain dedicated to promoting these ideals. We actively take water-saving, energy-saving, and resource transformation initiatives, guiding our employees to carry out energy-saving practices and achieve resource efficiency, thereby playing our part in preserving and protecting our planet.

Energy Conservation




  • • Installation of energy-efficient T5 lamps accompanied by reminders to switch off lights when not in use.
  • • Reduction of lighting fixtures or tubes in areas with lower illumination requirements such as corridors, passages, and warehouses.
  • • Partial lighting shutdowns or reductions during lunch breaks.
  • • Adoption of minimal lighting for colleagues working overtime after 7:00 PM and on weekends.
  • • Adoption of a policy for colleagues to ensure departmental lights are switched off before leaving the offices.

Air Conditioning

  • • Set temperature ranges for air conditioning between 26° and 28°C with supplementary electric fans.
  • • Installation of temperature control knobs on chillers and setting digital codes to regulate air conditioning fan operation.
  • • Maintenance of sealed doors and windows to prevent air conditioning leakage and heat infiltration, thereby reducing air conditioning load.
  • • Utilization of curtains or sun protection film on windows to mitigate solar radiation and indoor heat gain.
  • • Shutdown of air conditioning systems and closure of meeting room doors after use.


  • • Enforcement of a policy to power off computers and electrical appliances during prolonged periods of inactivity to mitigate standby losses.
  • • Prioritization of equipment selection with energy-saving labels and activation of automatic sleep modes for water dispensers and office machines to optimize power usage.
  • • Regular monitoring and adjustment of electricity contract capacity based on recorded electricity consumption.


  • • Enforcement of a policy to power down monitor and hard drive of a personal computer after 5 minutes of idle time and entering standby mode after 30 minutes.
  • • Public announcement on shutting down computers at the end of each workday.


  • • Opt for stairs over elevators whenever possible (as the office is mostly located on lower floors).


  • • Enforcement of 5S management principles.
  • • Prompt reporting of any water leakage from faucets or toilets to the management department.
  • • Reduction of office machines to conserve standby power and optimize space utilization.

Carbon Reduction




  • • Default printers to black and white printing and discourage unnecessary color printing.
  • • Procure paper with lower grammage to minimize resource consumption.
  • • Install paper recycling bins in offices to facilitate paper reuse and recycling.
  • • Promote efficient paper usage by encouraging the use of blank sides for notes and drafts.
  • • Emphasize electronic file storage over physical printing to reduce paper consumption.
  • • Choose electronic distribution of meeting and training materials to minimize paper usage.
  • • Communicate announcements to employees via email and utilize the Electronic Information Portal (EIP) to minimize paper-based communications.


  • • Enhance office environments by introducing potted plants in designated areas to create a greener workplace.


  • • Establish recycling zones for sorting and collecting various recyclable materials such as paper, glass, metal, aluminum, plastics, and batteries.
  • • Enforce proper labeling and disposal procedures for recyclable waste.
  • • Partner with certified vendors for the responsible recycling of electronic waste, such as computers and monitors.


  • • Encourage the use of reusable stationery items, such as binder clips and staple removers, over single-use stationery.


  • • Provide ceramic cups in office pantries to encourage reusable alternatives to disposable cups.
  • • Encourage employees to bring their own eco-friendly utensils to minimize reliance on disposable tableware.


  • • Recycle cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc., for reuse.
  • • Promote remote communication technologies, such as conference calls and video conferencing, to reduce carbon emissions associated with employee travel and enhance meeting efficiency.
  • • Encourage employees to carry or collectively deliver documents between (sub)companies to minimize transportation-related carbon emissions.
  • • Enforce a no-smoking policy in all office and building spaces to reduce indoor air pollution and promote employee health and well-being.
  • • Other

Schedule and Enforcement of Advocacy Campaigns

Conduct periodic educational sessions to highlight the significance of energy conservation and simplicity.

Advocate for the widespread adoption of electronic invoices across our companies to achieve environmental sustainability.

Continuously promote energy-saving and carbon reduction policies and measures among employees through the dissemination of posters and slogans, reinforcing our collective commitment to a greener future.

We prioritize providing our employees with comprehensive welfare benefits and ensuring workplace safety. Additionally, we arrange internal and external education and training programs, along with initiatives aimed at caring for the health and well-being of both employees and their families. Since 2016, Softstar has been increasingly involved in philanthropic endeavors and various social welfare activities through our foundation, aiming to give back to the community.
At Softstar, we hold the protection of consumers, society, the environment, and our employees in high regard. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and following rigorous management review processes to enhance the resilience of our operations. We extend a sincere invitation for you to join us in shaping a sustainable future together.
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